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Managing tax litigation made simpler and powerful

Tax Litigation Management - Most Comprehensive Features

Management of All Kinds of Tax Litigations, Direct & Indirect & their Sub-Categories

Scalable and Configurable to Manage Customised Workflows, Stage Updates and Fields.

Specially Designed Module for Tax-based Litigations

Compute Interest, Penalty, etc. for Various Matters.

Link Matters to Capture Chronological History of each Matter

Possible Integration with Various Tax Submission Websites/Internal Engines.

Capture Filings by Assessment Year and Auto-Populate Data from Integrated Systems.

Capture and Attach Related Documents for Easy Access.

Centralized Legal and Tax Based Litigation Database.

Capture the entire litigation process from disputed amount/items and interest to order/OIO/OIA.

Compute penalty amount and track refunds/payments.

Track important dates and events with complete case synopsis for assessment year.

Archive the various legal and finance documents with their respective matters.

Mobile Apps

Auto-archive important email discussions with related matters.

View reports and dashboards of case files and track pending or long-drawn-out cases.

Track tasks and monitor progress through early warning reminders.

Manage all cases (tax and non-tax) on a single platform.

Track and manage notices along with their complete lifecycle.


Work from Anywhere

PracticeLeague offers an intuitive, across all device edition to work and manage your collaborations easily from anywhere, anytime.


The PracticeLeague agile platform increases the efficiency of the team and standardizes the entire legal process in an organization. The solution also increases the visibility of the end-end spectrum of the various functions to mitigate risks and adhere to compliance in turn helping the organization to be cost effective. The PracticeLeague scalable platform acts as a centralized repository of data and creates a single engagement platform for the entire team.

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