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Season 1: The Rise of Super GC

Ep 1:
Evolving Role of General Counsel

The in-house counsel revolution which saw its first developments brewing in the late 1970s envisioned a critical role for the General Counsel as a lawyer-statesperson, moving beyond the scope of the law, and including matters of ethics, risk, governance, and compliance. With the increasing scope and power, the General Counsel is now participating in decisions and actions that are not just about risks but also about opportunities, and not limited to the law but also about business.

Ep 2:
The intersection of Legal and GRC

The intersection of legal management and GRC is not a new venture, more recently in-house counsels are making efforts to oversee this development through integrated technology solutions. It is been heralded a strategic imperative which is showing significant potential to help corporations better manage the risk exposure and compliance concerns that usually exhaust the resources of a business. For the integration of legal and GRC to be fully realized, these functions must work collaboratively to

Ep 3:
The significance of GC in implementing GRC

Every business faces risks and no system is efficient enough to eliminate all the risks. Not every risk is harmful to the company; it can also be seen as an opportunity, allowing the business to thrive on it. As the top management assesses a range of risks, it is the responsibility of GC to direct them towards those risks that can be fatal for the company and ensure that a comprehensive plan is in place to tackle them. And an efficient GC will use the most proficient processes supported by unified technology platforms available to mitigate these risks.



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