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Season 3: Need for Innovation in Legal Ops

Ep 1:
Making a Business Use Case for Enterprise Legal Management Platform

Even though General Counsels (GC) are aware of the advantages of adopting an integrated platform for automating legal functions, converting them into legal budget approval is a difficult terrain to tread. As businesses are working towards cost-cutting in almost every department, justifying the need for legal technology adoption is the newest challenge every agile GC has to take over. Even though legal is evolving from its traditional role of just a mere supporter to an enabler of

Ep 2:
Adopting Legal Tech – The New Imperative

The case for making strong investments in legal technology has been well articulated by those who understand this imperative in the legal industry. Putting up the case for legal tech investment is well propagated by the pioneering GCs who understand the imperative in the changing landscape of legal industry. Legal Departments who are early adopters of emerging technology have a leg up in today’s competitive marketplace. While legal technology has caused disruption



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