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Season 5: Legal Analytics and Decision Making

Ep 1:
How to Convince the C-Suite for adopting Legal technology

In order to make a strong case for legal technology amidst the C-Suite, GCs need to demonstrate the value of legal tech not just in terms of workflows but in bringing overall efficiency and productivity in the organisation. From time saved in carrying out manual, onerous tasks to assisting in strategic decision-making, or bringing transformation in long approval cycles to faster approval cycles and increased responsiveness, GCs can reflect these benefits to the C-suite who expect any and every investment to bring a tangible ROI to the organisation.

Ep 2:
The Legal Ecosystem - The GC-CFO-CEO

Gone are those days when GCs and CEOs worked in isolation and collaborated only on legal matters. With fast-paced organisations working their way along the regulatory barriers and growing competition, adopting innovative strategies and technologies is a must, compelling CEOs to revolutionize their organisations by not only transforming their core processes but also hiring and developing innovative leaders within the organisation. The Legal Department have carried out their traditional ways since the beginning of time.



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