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Season 4: Get Ready to Digitize legal

Ep 1:
The Change Management Paradigm in the Legal Department

The Legal Department have carried out their traditional ways since the beginning of time. Although these appear as generous and Nobel act of carrying the traditional legacy from generations, but these have seriously impacted on the capability and position of the Legal Department. As legal hold a considerable amount of contribution in an entire business, it is imperative for the legal department to technologically grade down on the exponential growth business are undertaking due to

Ep 2:
Ideal Approach to Tech Adoption - Where you need to start

Implementing a technological solution for a process as complex as legal requires a defined strategy and roadmap while keeping in consideration the past experiences, challenges and solutions that are fit to the diverse legal departments and its functions. Every corporate legal department is unique in its size and the way it operates, and entails an approach that supports both the legal processes and business objectives of the organisation, while delivering solutions each to its own challenges.



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