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Season 2: Current Disorientations in the Legal Department

Ep 1:
Are you still continuing with your traditional methods? What have you missed!

Legal departments in organizations face the major issue in procuring tech budgets. Visionary and innovative organizations who realize the need for tech to drive transformation in their business know that the core systems like the Legal also need major shifts with technology to align with business and strategic goals. Enterprises that are good to spend on Legal tech often face challenges with - Having had a bad experience in the past with various technology solutions,

Ep 2:
Are you lacking the leadership to drive your Legal Department to the next step?

One of the biggest barriers identified in adoption of legal tech is the lack of leadership and its subsequent sponsorship for visualising the deep visibility and efficiency created by implementing tech-enabled solutions, which will not only create value to the legal department but also add accountability to the team. The success factor for a comprehensive adoption of legal technology relies on the direction and leadership of the General Counsel who identifies the goals and metrics of his/her team and plan a roadmap ahead that will align the workflow with the said vision.

Ep 3:
Do you find Difficulty integrating new technology with existing systems?

Another challenge is integrating new solutions with existing systems from legacy providers, which provide document systems that are not as flexible from a backend technology perspective. A major challenge is working within the integrations offered by Windows. Historically, it was not how legal professionals bought technology or how companies marketed it. Software products were sold as stand-alone applications designed to handle a specific task –

Ep 4:
Barriers to tech adoption in Legal Department: Lack of Digital Skills.

As impossible as it may sound, there appears to be knowledge and skills gap in the Legal Department, where 51% of GCs report they find it hard to decide which technologies to invest in, whilst 33% state that a lack of digital skills in the team is a challenge when trying to harness technology. This suggests that barriers to harnessing technology in the legal function are not exclusively technological in nature but also have a skills element. Teams need advanced digital skills to understand how they can



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