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A comprehensive and integrated platform to manage the entire lifecycle of Contracts from initiation to renewal.

Contract Lifecycle Management - Most Comprehensive Features

Complete Contract Lifecycle Management

Our solution manages the full lifecycle of a document/contract including request tracking, approvals, drafting, negotiation, vetting, execution, renewals, revisions and terminations. Store all iterations of the contract along with other attachments, outlook emails, amendments, etc.

Contract Assembly and Automation

With an easy to use process, you can assemble even a 500 page contract in less than a few minutes. Simply fill an optional Contract Requisition Form you have designed, answer a brief questionnaire and your contract is ready. You can integrate management approvals, triggers, capture comments/audit trail, etc. based on the responses to the questionnaire.

Email WorkFlow

Manage your entire contract lifecycle including versioning, negotiations, signature and much more through emails on any device.

TAT Tracking

Track Turn Around Time of your Contracts. Get insights to improve efficiency and save time.

Clause Library

Integrate with MS Word to access standard Clause Library. Reduce risk by enabling pre-defined templates and reduce TAT for generation of initial drafts.

Build Your Own Clause Library and Templates

Our Contract Assembly solution makes you more efficient – build your very own clause library and templates for document and contract generation. With ready MS Word plug-in you can instantly start building your own library and templates. Create a clause library which can help draft new contract templates or unique contracts by simply selecting the required clauses.

Compare Drafts

Using our advanced system you can compare 2 versions of a contract and edit, accept or decline changes instantly.

Version Control Management

Our reliable version control tool ensures you are always working from the most up-to-date document. However, it stores all the previous versions so you can access these anywhere, anytime.

Single Touch Point Repository

Make life easy for yourself, stay organised and store all your documents and contracts in one centralised and easily accessible location.

Alerts and Notifications

Need reminded on key events? Not to worry, our solution alerts include approval requests, termination and renewals, reminders. It gives you peace of mind that your documents are being managed effectively.

Document Management

The application provides you with a centralized vault to save all your legal matters, documents, order copies, letter of authority and all other essential documents in a central repository attached with each matter. At a click of a button you can retrieve the desired document to edit, share or print.

Party Management

Managing your contractual party in a central place can be a tedious task. With our integrated contact management system, all your internal and external contacts including external law firms and counsels across all your locations can be stored and retrieved at the click of a button.

WorkFlow Manager

Build your own approval and workflow management process in just a few clicks. The Corporate Legal solution by PracticeLeague provides for excellent coordination and collaboration between your various department and offices including external law firms, counsels and consultants. For any legal task in hand you can easily assign the relevant internal or external resources including external counsels, consultants, etc . You can also set the schedule for the assigned task so that it automatically assigns the relevant task to the assigned contact as per the set schedule.

Notices Management

Notices need to be dealt with on priority and PracticeLeague's Corporate Legal Solution has an in-built Notice Management feature to help you track every notice and ensure that the same is assigned to the relevant resources and tracked all across.

Time Tracking

Legal matters can be very time consuming for your internal Corporate Legal Department and PracticeLeague Corporate legal solution allows you to effortlessly tack your teams efforts. The same can be used to analyse the time spent on each activity and increase their productivity.

Legacy Contracts

Be assured that you can upload your legacy contracts in our solution too.

Vendor On-Boarding

Manage your Vendors and their contractual obligations on a single engagement platform

Analytical Reports

Our solution is comprehensive – it gives you access to over 40 instant reports in just a few clicks. It lets you run these reports in Excel and PDF format – perfect for that last minute meeting!


Convert scanned contracts into readable files. Use OCR functionality to convert scanned contracts into MS Word documents for searching and referencing

Microsoft Word Plug-in

Easy Generating templates for Contracts in Microsoft Word. The plug-in enables protecting certain parts of the document by hiding information.

Add-In functions for Microsoft Outlook

Your work can be directly saved to the Document Management system workspace folders from Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Embedded Customer Portal

Our user-friendly customer portal allows you to interact and negotiate with other parties all under one system and regardless of whether they use our solution or not. Manage your documents with other parties on one competent and secure platform.

Accurately Assess Risk

Receiving documents or contracts from another party? Our solution is smart – it lets you build your own process to review these documents and accurately assess key risks!

Negotiate and Sign

Using a secure portal you can share and negotiate contracts with the other party. This helps you in easily managing and comparing versions. The portal also allows you to electronically sign contracts instantly using DocuSign.

Track Key Dates and Obligations

Our solution allows you to manage important dates and key obligations. You view this important information without trawling through a contract. Set-up advanced reminders, triggers and alerts for instant notifications.

Intellectual Property Management

Fully integrated and ready to use tool for managing all your Intellectual Properties. PracticeLeague's integrated IP Module provides advanced docketing for Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Designs with configurable deadlines and built-in document/forms management. At its core, PracticeLeague IP module works like a virtual assistant to your IP team and manages all IP matters centrally, keeps track of deadlines, fee payments for applications and annuities, and sends automatic reminders and Alerts.


Several members across different locations could be working on any given legal matter and members can update the notes section so that all others working on the matters can view the comments. This feature would enable you and your team to better collaborate.

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Work from Anywhere

PracticeLeague offers an intuitive, across all device edition to work and manage your collaborations easily from anywhere, anytime.


The PracticeLeague agile platform increases the efficiency of the team and standardizes the entire legal process in an organization. The solution also increases the visibility of the end-end spectrum of the various functions to mitigate risks and adhere to compliance in turn helping the organization to be cost effective. The PracticeLeague scalable platform acts as a centralized repository of data and creates a single engagement platform for the entire team.

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